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Is Magento dead in 2023?

The report of my death was an exaggerationMark Twain

Is Magento dying?

The minority of voices are more often then not the loudest,
This is a common occurrence for anything and everything that one can have an opinion on.
In some small circles Magento is dead, or has died… is dying?
It is hard to tell which of above as Magento was dying 5 years ago and so must be suffering the longest long term illness known to eCommerce.

For those who have invested their time and money, and their business, we have good news.
Magento is not dead!
A relief, I am sure, but let us not stop there.
Here we will look at just how not dead (undead…?!) Magento really is.

Magento: Aged like fine wine

Magento is now over a decade old, well, over 15 years old but who’s counting.
The veritable old man of the eCommerce world.

It is, however, not the same as the Magento that was first released.
To be frank it has had so many facelifts Hollywood stars look on with envy.
Magento’s age is not a heavy burden.
Thanks to continuous updates and patches we see an eCommerce platform that continues to improve.

So what are the advantages of Magento?

  • Trust:
    Magento is a proven long term solution. It is here to stay.
    Your online store will continue to be supported and benefit from patches that increase performance and security.
  • User Base:
    There are currently over 100,000 Magento 2 powered eCommerce sites.
    Magento Open Source has an estimated 280 Billion dollars worth of purchases to date!
    Clearly someone neglected to inform the users the platform had died!
  • Market share:
    Magento has a 9% market share.
    The importance of this share is how well the platform has retained its users despite a large number of eCommerce solutions saturating the market.
  • Do you know who I am?
    Magento is the chosen solution for a number of household names. Nestle, Coca Cola, Ford and Nike to name drop but a few have all put their faith in Magento.
  • Magento Community:
    A community who actively develop and contribute to the platform. New and improved features and third party apps a-plenty !
  • Adobe:
    A big company doing the right thing?
    When Adobe purchased Magento many were concerned. Would they simply take Magento Enterprise and bin Open Source? Well, no, in fact they opened Open Source.
    As covered previously in Magento 2.4.6 Adobe introduced a Community vote which helped focus development on fixes and patches and much needed implementation.
    This had the effect of bolstering the Magento community and the platform they love.
  • “You shall not pass!” (away):
    Tortured miss-quotes aside Magento’s Open Source nature is a huge advantage and is a main reason for its longevity. Businesses do not find themselves locked in nor solely reliant on a single point of failure. Businesses can choose where to host their site, choose from a multitude of Plugins and retain control of the very code their site runs on. Thanks to this we have projects like Hyvä which completely rips Magento’s frontend apart and replaces it with its own solution.
    This is the benefit of Magento’s Open Source nature where people are free to innovate.
  • Adobe:
    Magento developers now have an additional line of support in Adobe. As a large Corporation Adobe has the knowledge and the means to offer the support required.
  • The Robots are taking over!:
    Yes, we even have access to Ai but it is fine, this is more a helpful WALL-E than bone crunching Terminator.
    Adobe Sensei Ai is a powerful machine learning tech that can be used across various Adobe products.
    For example it can be used in Magento to power product recommendations choosing the most relevant products for your customers.
    Further more it can be used for content creation and optimisation, and to analyse customer data to identify trends. All this gives you the tools to create a better user experience.
  • Magento Enterprise Open Source:
    Who needs Enterprise when Magento Open Source offers so many Enterprise features. Multi-site management and translate to multiple languages. The trickle down effect works where many Enterprise functionalities find their way to Open Source.

Magento: Alive and Kicking

The report of my death was an exaggeration

Mark Twain famously uttered these words in response to an article of his death.
Magento has had similar articles reporting on its own death going back a decade. Yet here we are.
Still one of the most popular eCommerce solutions, owned by a large Corporation that actually seems to care, and backed by a huge number of developers and users.

The exaggeration is real. Magento continues to be an excellent, fast, safe and secure choice for any eCommerce store.

We at Dx3webs continue to grow with Magento offering class leading hosting at prices no one else can beat.

For your eCommerce needs please consider Magento and ourselves.
We are happy to help and can be contacted on or 0800 0 33 74 53.