Magento Hosting

Magento POWER cluster

You can have your cake and eat it.

Take the highest clocked enterprise servers and drop them into a cluster and watch them BLAST through your Magento site.

Calculating the best server for a site is a juggling act between raw speed (how fast the server can run) and bandwidth (how many customers can it service at once) and cost.

If you have a site with moderate to high traffic and wanted the absolutely fastest user experience then a 16 core processor which can max out at 5ghz is the way to go eg our Dx3 dedicated server package.

However, if the traffic is high enough that those 16 cores would be swamped the 1st time you run an advertising campaign then you need more cores and sacrifice raw speed (but compensate with varnish caching) eg our Dx4 Dedicated package.

If you want the fastest possible raw speed and to be able to handle large traffic levels then you need our Power Cluster. Here we rollout multiple high clocked servers in different roles to offer multiple web servers / database servers / Elasticsearch / Redis / Admin server to give the fastest possible Magento hosting. Multiple servers running at 5ghz to power through your site and drive your customers to the checkout.

So you can have your cake and eat it..

The fastest POSSIBLE Magento hosting experience.

While Cloud Based magneto hosting (as offered by most of our competition) is useful these platforms can’t beat the raw power of lower core / high clock speed offered by our cluster servers.

We offer three ready to roll clusters. However, we can customise for larger deploys if needed.

If you need raw power to deliver the fastest possible customer experience you need our Power Cluster.

Web servers
Database Servers
Application Servers (Admin / Cron / Redis / Elasticsearch / Varnish)
Total Cores
Power Cluster 1


Magento Power Cluster 1
Power Cluster 2


Magento Power Cluster 2
Power Cluster 3


Magento Power Cluster 3

Key features of our Magento Power Cluster

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Free Site Transfer

We will project manage the transfer of your site from any existing host to ours free of charge.

7 Days Rolling Backup + Disaster Recovery

Full file and database backup each night and in the event of an emergency, we can roll your site back to any point in the last 7 days

Fast Network Connection

1GB across all servers


Any ES version installed to match your version of Magento 2 clustered across the applications servers.

Dedicated Magento Support

From our UK based team of experts

URL monitoring (every minute)

Our helpdesk team know the moment your site becomes unresponsive and we will be working to identify the issue immediately.

Hyva Compatible

Many of our customers are thriving on Hyva and all our packages support this theme.

99.99% uptime SLA

Our help desk team is here 24/7 to ensure your site remains live and functional.

Apache & Nginx

Tweaked for fastest possible site delivery.

Varnish / Redis & OPcache

We will install and configure the ideal caching engines for your site to ensure fastest possible customer experience across the application servers.

PCI Compliant

We are an accredited PCI Service provider. AOC available on request.

A choice of Data Centres

We have DC on every continent to get your site as close to your customers as possible.

Dedicated IP address

Up to 5 dedicated IPs per server as needed.

Full SSH Access

Easy access for your devs and connecting services.

Unlimited bandwidth

All dedicated servers come with unlimited bandwidth. No more expensive bandwidth charges.

Free SSL Certificate(s)

Cover any domain for free. Ideal for non-transactional sites and blogs.


FTP access included

For automations and easy import / export

30 Days rolling contract

No long term commitments

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