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Magento security has increasingly become problematic, Sanguine's eComscan helps you to better defend your shop.

Sansec Ecom Scanner

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Magento security has increasingly become problematic

 50% of Magento merchants were hacked in the last 5 years.

 200 Magento webshops were hacked yesterday

 So-called MageCart payment skimmers have compromised over 100,000 stores in 2018 and were named the most dangerous threat of 2019 by Wired

These attacks are hard to detect and hard to prevent because the Magento platform is quite complex. The results are loss of money, time and reputation for the vendor.

The solution

Sanguine’s eComscan helps you to better defend your shop. It’s a server-side malware and vulnerability detection engine for Magento. It detects a broad range of security issues in Magento web stores, installed backdoors and other malware. It will detect issues within your code base and your database.

eComScan is brought to you by the creators of MageReport.com, the remote scanner for Magento, used more than 15.000.000 times.

eComScan is an even more sophisticated scanner that detects 99% of known vulnerabilities (weak extensions, common attack vectors, etc). eComscan is the easiest way to boost your Magento security to the maximum level.

What’s in it for the merchants?

 Reputation, reputation, reputation. Imagine your biggest client having to temporarily halt their webshop, having to send all their customers the “we’ve been pwnd”-email and having to fend off press after a big hack.

 Lower costs. It is cheaper to prevent than to recover. Typical recovery and reputation costs involved with a breach are north of 10.000 euros.

 Higher revenues. No (or less) downtime because of hacks. A smooth, well updated and secure webshop has a higher availability than a badly patched, well hacked shop.

 Peace of mind. Merchants need to think about their webshop, products offered and customers served.

How does eComScan compare to other solutions?

 Other solutions like Sucuri and Astra? They’re not bad, but not as up to date as eComscan. When you use both a generic solution like one of these and eComscan for the cutting edge Magento security, you probably have the best security.

 Who is Sanguine Security? A company run by Magento veterans who ran the nr. 1 Dutch Magento hosting company and developed among others MageReport.com, the Magento Malware Scanner and MageVulnDB.

 For further details and pricing see:

Sansec Ecom Scanner

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