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Since 2009 we have been a specialist Magento host. Providing fast, secure and affordable packages for sites of every size.


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We like to think of ourselves as Boutique Hosting: Big enough to cope with any requirement, small enough to care. Every site is precious to us.


With 9 years of Magento hosting behind us we have built the dream Magento server config. Our 24/7 help desk team are all Magento specialists. 


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Very Fast Hosting coupled with Excellent Service. Having been with an alternative hosting company for several years for Magento websites, the speed of the sites gradually got slower and slower to the point that it was seriously affecting conversion rate. I decided to switch on a Sunday morning. By the Sunday night the first site was moved over by DX3, and the site was noticably faster. Contact throughout the day was constant through Skype and I could not have asked for better service. Very happy customer.


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April 9th 2018

Magento 2 - PHP 7.0/7.1 performance

Here at DX3Webs we focus on providing the best hardware setup giving you the ideal platform to meet your needs. With a focus on the speed of your site our servers are high specification to enable a quick responsive experience for the end user. Carefully chosen hardware can only do so much, and it must be paired with the correct software to get the most out of it. Magento 2, at time of writing, fully supports PHP 7.0 and 7.1., here we look into why you should be giving serious consideration into migrating.

March 29th 2018

Web Application Firewall

Security, security, security. As covered in our recent blog online security is more important than ever. When running a bricks and mortar shop you would know to never leave the shop unattended, to lock the door and drop the shutters on a night and set the alarm. Online shops are the same and although the various forms of security are different (patches, firewalls) they have the same purpose, to protect your business. One of the more advanced means of securing your website is a Web Application Firewall (WAF). This is a solution whose function is to monitor, filter and if necessary, block, any HTTP/HTTPS traffic to and from the end users server. Essentially your firewall prevents non-HTTP/HTTPS attacks while the WAF would also prevent malicious or unwanted HTTP/HTTPs data allowing only safe traffic through to your server.

March 22nd 2018

Ecommerce and Security

The figures speak for themselves. 78% of ecommerce websites are at risk of breach according to 60,000 scans on Magento sites carried out using Foregenix handy scan your website tool. The 78% of sites are missing critical patches where 5% are confirmed to have “harvesting malware stealing their customer details” according to the article.


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