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Free Hosting, Free Migration

We know that you have plenty of options when it comes to website hosting. There are several reasons why we believe that we are your best choice!

DX3 specialise in eCommerce web hosting, meaning that you get a bespoke service that is built around your business needs. Having worked on commercial websites for 15 years ongoing, we have been at the forefront of rapid change and have a deep understanding of the software involved. More than that, we understand what a business website needs and doesn’t need, focusing on the essentials in a world of website bloat. Our products are both custom-built to your needs and scalable to your budget, ensuring you get what you want and need.

Free Migration Service

Moving your whole business presence from one website to another can be, at times, a difficult process. Unless the process is handled smoothly, there can be times where your site is down, affecting your business. It can also be an expensive process – with the labour-intensive nature of data transfer having the potential to eat up man hours.

With this in mind, Dx3 offers not only a free migration service, but your first month’s hosting FREE of charge, to ensure that our web services are right for your business. Moving house is stressful, and this is akin to the upheaval that moving website servers can cause if not handled carefully. We make our migration process risk-free, ensuring that your business (and income) receives no disruption. Simply get in touch with us, and we can get the process started quickly and painlessly.

Lightning Speeds

There’s nothing more frustrating than a slow-loading website. It affects user experience, click-through rate and ultimately, your bottom line. We optimise the back end of your website to ensure that everything loads quickly, correctly and smoothly in multiple browsers, including on mobile. 

Having a quick website is the equivalent of having your shop door open – it makes people want to come in and look around. We make sure that your website is welcoming to anyone visiting.

UK-Based Support Team

Our sites are built to be as robust as they can be, with all common issues preempted and covered. However, every website benefits from maintenance, and problems can always occur. Our knowledgeable, flexible and friendly support team are all based here in the UK. This means no offshore call centres, good working conditions and most of all, flawless support. All of our team members are trained and highly experienced, giving you peace of mind when problems arise. We aim to fix problems quickly and permanently, and to make sure your lights stay on. What’s more, our Magento and WooCommerce experts are available 24/7, ensuring that whatever the time zone, we can get you firing on all cylinders again.

Off-site Backup Servers

Backups are important. Relying on nothing to go wrong at any point is a recipe for disaster. All of our backups are offsite, to ensure that they are not affected by any power outages or weather events, and to ensure that all your data stays secure. When you work with us, you get solid, professional level storage that ensures not only that everything runs as it should, but is as safe as it can be.

Free Site Check & Security Analysis

If you’re unsure how to get started with moving your website, or have questions about its performance, our free site check and security analysis is the perfect entry point. Both risk and obligation-free, our check will tell you where we think your site could be improved, giving you options about your next steps. Fill in your details here and see if we can help your website support your business aims.

If your site is underperforming, we can help you! Please get in touch with us below to talk to us, and we can get our website to work for you, not against you.