Each year we trawl everyone of our competitors websites to ensure that we are offering bigger and better hardware, more services in the stated price and best value for money. As a result we have tweaked some prices and, in some cases, drastically increased the resources for some packages. The headlines..

Shared hosting has seen an increase in disk space allowance and bandwidth for a modest increase in price.

The VPS servers have seen their disk space and bandwidth bumped significantly with a small increase in price.

For dedicated servers the Dx2 sees a big increase in RAM to 64GB with the processor moving to the E3-1270 v6 and it now comes with 1GB connection as standard. The Dx3 now becomes a two server option offering 16 cores processing power split between web and database servers. The DX4 now offers 128GB RAM and 4x500GB SSD. The Dx5 also becomes a two server option with effectively a Dx4 for web and a Dx2 for database duties. The Dx6 – Dx8 are all boosted in cores and ram.

Our HA cluster is proving popular and we have expended the purchase options on the site. As always if you have specific needs just give us a shout.

Any existing customer is welcome to take advantage of the new specifications at the new price. For many it will mean a significant increase in resources for only a little extra per month.