Magento High Availability : High Performance
Enterprise Cloud Cluster

For when performance and stability is essential we have created our Highly Available, High Performance Magento clusters. We build each customer an isolated VMware private cloud using state of the art infrastructure.



Key Features
Fully redundant All servers within the cluster can act as backups for each other. In the case of a server outage the Virtual Machine images will instantly move to another server. While your site will run at reduced capacity it will still be fully available to your customers.
Fully monitored 24/7 Your site is monitored by multiple means. Externally, every minute from around the globe your site is checked for availability. The server feeds data directly into our New Relic account and Monit checks for availability of various services. Any warnings are fed straight back to our help desk. We will know long before you or your customers if a problem is forming.
Incredible Support response times Our help desk team can be reached through Email / Ticket System / Skype / Phone all day.. every day.
7 Day rolling backup / Disaster Recovery Every single file on your servers lives on our EMV VMX Storage Area Network. This provides massive redundancy across hundreds of drives with multiple power and data connections to ensure your data is safe and secure. In addition to this, each night all your files and databases are copied to an off site storage location in a rolling backup. We can restore your site as it was at any point in the last 7 days.
Choice of php engines:mod_php / php-fpm / HHVM Our customised Control Panel allows easy switching between a wide range of web server technologies from apache / nginx / HHVM or a combination of either.
Memcached / Redis caching Lightning fast caching engines ensure maximum response times.
Build on VMware technology Enterprise standard, tried and tested VMWare ESXi visualization provides the underlying High Availability andDisaster recovery technology.
10,000 GB/mo Data Traffic Our state of the art data centres provide excellent connectivity and allows upto Ten Terabytes of data transfer.
Web Server Choice of E5-2630 or E3-1270
Database Server Choice of E5-2630 or E3-1270
SAN storage VNX EMC Storage Area Network | Multiple redundant power and data feeds. Flash cache ensures massive speed and auto-tiered RAID security of data.


  • Mage-Run

  • Mage-Run

  • Xeon

  • VMware

  • Nginx

  • Plesk

  • HHVM

  • CloudFlare

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