For those who are happy with their current old plan don’t worry, nothing will change.  This promotion is to highlight the changes to our packages and the great benefits to be gained for very little additional outlay.

Below is a list of both the old and new Magento Hosting packages offered by Dx3Webs.  As you can see the prices have changes marginally, but the packages now offer even greater price ‘v’ performance hosting.


Dx3webs hosting packages


As you can see our Standard shared hosting package, for only an additional £4 per monthdoubles its disk space and benefits from a 20GB increase in bandwidth.

The Magento VPS DXV1 Hosting, for an additional £10 benefits from double the disk space, double the bandwidth and double the RAM!

We have worked hard to create what we believe is an excellent update to our range of packages delivering the best performance for the money in Magento Hosting.

Please conatct us if you would like to upgrade to our new Magento Hosting Packages.

Please follow this link to view our Shared Magento Hosting Packages.

Please follow this link to view our Magento Isolated Virtual Private Server.

We have also revamped our dedicated server range too. This includes higher specs and dual server options.

Please have a look here :