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Magento 2 PHP 8.x Compatibility Checker

Magento 2 PHP 8.x Compatibility Checker

Is your site ready for PHP 8.1 ?

Magento Open Source 2.4.4 introduced support for PHP 8.1.
PHP 8.1 is a major improvement over previous versions.
8.1 is not an incremental update.
There are new features, quality of life improvements and, importantly, some legacy features have been deprecated to restrict certain undesired functionality.

The result of these changes is a fast, future focused framework.
PHP 8.1 is a must have for those running Magento 2.4.4.

So time to update?

Before you upgrade there is one thing you need to check.
As anyone knows upgrading can be a minefield of compatibility issues.
Given the revisions made and the deprecated functionality of undesirable features, compatibility will be more important than ever.

PHP 8.1

This blog is highlighting the excellent command line tool, Magento 2 PHP 8.x Compatibility Checker.

This command line tool will help you discover any compatibility issues.

Magento 2 PHP 8.x Compatibility Checker

The results are easily checked to ascertain whether you can upgrade your Magento installation to PHP 8.1.
The command outputs Compatible, Risky and Unknown.
If your site produced Unknown or Risky there are further steps to follow.

All the details and instructions can be found by following this link to  GitHub

This is a great easy to use tool enabling you to avoid having to troubleshoot issues after updating your site.

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