Magento provides a basic content management system to present your information using however many pages you want. The first important pages to show your customers who you are and a little bit about you and your store are your ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’. By going to the backend of your website and filling in the information asked for in the boxes, it helps you to simply create a page. As well as creating information pages, you can edit the home page in the same way as seen in the video. It is possible to change the appearance by clicking on ‘Design’ on the left hand side of the page once you have selected the desired page, which is where you can change the theme/style of the page and overall look of your website.

To create a page click on ‘CMS’ which is on the navigation bar of the backend of your website, then click on ‘Pages’. This is where you can see all the pages on your website currently and click on each of those to edit them. However, to create a new page click on ‘Add New Page’ on the right hand side of the page. On here you fill in all the information you need on your page for example ‘Title’ and if you have more than one website, on which of your websites you want the page to be on. Also, you can fill in the Content of the page, so if you are creating a Contact Us page here is where you would add your contact information. It is also possible to add Meta Descriptions and Keywords which will make it easier for search engines such as Google to find your page.