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Dx3 Scan Series: ThreatView

A look at ThreatView from Foregenix a free domain scanner.

ThreatView by Foregenix

As one of the most popular eCommerce solutions Magento is continually targeted by hacks, scams and malware threats: ThreatView has you covered.

This Blog is the first in a series that will be looking at security scanning applications both paid and free.

In covering the various options available we hope this will be a helpful resource.

ThreatView by Foregenix.

ThreatView has both FREE and paid versions available

ThreatView is an external scanner that can be used to check your Magento URL for hacks and vulnerabilities.

At a minimum a scanner should tell you the following

  • Your Magento version details
  • Patching – are you missing any critical security patches
  • Malware – is your site infected?
  • Exposed Admin Interface
  • Vulnerability to known exploits
  • Information leakage

The above are the basic expectations from a scanner, while further areas that could be covered include:

  • Email security
  • Site encryption 
  • Site reputation
  • Third Party scripts running on your site 

This is where ThreatView by Foregenix excels.

Who is Foregenix?

Foregenix is a well respected company within cyber security with over a decade of experience.

How does ThreatView help you?

  • Magento Cyber Specialists – help you to understand your Magento Website security status. Quickly, easily and accurately.
  • Magento Security Check – rapid analysis key website security threat indicators.  Understanding your security strengths/weaknesses is the first step in protecting your business.
  • Detection of the latest Malware  targeting Magento – skimmers, loaders…criminal code.  Magecart, Cardbleed and all subsequent derivatives. 
  • Patching Issues – understand if your website is missing security patches, making your site easy to hack into.
  • Third Party Scripts – detect if your partners have been hacked.
  • On-Demand Website Security Scan – ThreatView provides automated monitoring, but you can also check your site on-demand as required.
  • Track your Risk Profile – each scan of your site is logged so you can go back and review historic data related to your digital footprint.  
  • Frequent, automated and on-demand security assessments.
  • All eCommerce platforms – we support most other platforms too – BigCommerce, Shopify, Shopware etc
  • Nothing to install AND for FREE – just create an account and start monitoring your website.

ThreatView has been built on Foregenix background as the largest global forensic investigation organisation.
Foregenix monitor millions of sites for malware attacks.
All attacks are logged and entered into their system while informing all their clients of any new risks.
This puts them at the forefront of the fight against cyber attacks.

This expertise has led to the creation of ThreatView.

What is ThreatView?

ThreatView is a 24/7 advanced monitor.

It monitors:

  1. Magecart malware and derivatives
  2. Outdated software or Security Patches
  3. Ransomware
  4. The latest eComm card skimmer malware
  5. Overall website risk
  6. Unprotected version control

while offering:

  1. ThreatView provides comprehensive, proactive detection capability for eCommerce threats
  2. Monitors over 12 million websites worldwide
  3. ThreatView monitors organisations of every size, including global corporations

There are four different tiers available in ThreatView.

Tier one is a fully functioning FREE scanner.

All you need to do is Sign UP and provide your email address and Domain name.

While the free version, Community, is restricted to one domain you still have two on-demand Malware Scans per month and monthly automated security monitoring.

Upgrading to Secure includes Unlimited On-demand Malware Scans and Daily Automated Security Monitoring covering Three domains.

The top tier, Pro includes Near Real Time Risk assessment, Daily Reports and Advanced WAF.

A list of available Plans can be found here.

Foregenix ThreatView

ThreatView is an excellent example of the type of Monitoring available that helps protect your site.

With years of experience behind their team this is an excellent tool in the fight against Malware and malicious code.

The inclusion of a free version enables anyone to be up and running and start protecting their business with immediate effect.