A number of store owners are reporting being hit by a wave of scam emails all designed to convince the store owner that they have taken money from a customer. The emails are all similar claiming that they have been charged a number of times by the store or have been charged without receiving goods.  In each case the emails contained a word doc. containing ‘proof’ of said fraud.  In most cases the actual domain was quoted in the email to lend some authenticity.

Need less to say if they believe their cards have been used for fraud they should be contacting their bank and not the store owner.  You can safely report these as spam and hopefully gmail / outlook etc will start to treat them as such.

Example senders we have seen today include:

Bill Constantino <>

Diane Momeyor <>

Olivia Scott <>

and sample content :


Hi Store Support,

Emailing you because my card was mistakenly charged 3 times this month by . [Name of actual store]
Please see more details including my card number, amount, as well as the charges. Please be informed that I will have no choice but to flag this transaction as fraud should not I get an answer today.

Thanks for your assistance.
Bill Constantino




Good afternoon, once a week I get a notify that 1.50$ has been debited from my amex to your shop. I have made a purchase only 1 time. After that, every week from my account vanish from 2 to 5 dollars on your company name. The amount is not big but [rand:I do not like|I don\’t like|I am mad] that it all happens without my approval. I have stick my payments history from Bank Of America as proofs

Olivia Scott


I am writing you because I was without my knowledge charged 3 times recently by xxxxxxx.Com. [name of actual shop here]
Please find more details including my card last 4 digits, amount, and the actual charges reference. Afraid to say but I will have no option but to flag this transaction as fraudulent if don’t get a reply within one day.

Thank you for your help.
Diane Momeyor