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Magento Video Marketing in eCommerce sales.

Buying online has one disadvantage compared to a visit to your local high street, the inability to examine the product you are looking at and see how it works. Static images, even high resolution ones, can only show so much. This is where video marketing can be a great medium to show off your products and enable your customers to see how they work.

Videos have become an integral part of the internet with sites such as YouTube the second most trafficked website on the web.  People are familiar in consuming information via video.

Landing pages with video content have been shown to realise an 80% increase in conversions. so there are immediate benefits to the initial outlay.

Video Marketing enables you to:

Explain visually how to use your product

Show all the features and functionality

Create a story around your product

Show your product in action

Instil more confidence in your product

Explain and show the benefits of your product over competitors

Video can easily be shared on social media to expand and inform customers both current and future. You can live stream using such services as Facebook to bring up-to-date news while interacting direct with your customers.

The range of videos you can make depends on the products you have to offer and your expertise and/or what you are willing to budget. Even a simple introduction to your business and your products can help create trust between yourself and the customer.

Product tutorials and how-to videos are also a great way of showing off your products while answering frequently asked questions. In the long run this can save time once you have a back catalogue. Set-up videos and visual product manuals can also be a great addition and again save time in potential customer support calls.

When creating a video it is important to keep in mind who your customers are and how your product fulfils a goal compared to a competitors. Always focus on what you are trying to achieve with your video. Keep it short and stick to the main points, you do not want a customer to scroll past your video before they have listened to the benefits of your product that you were attempting to convey.

Set and keep to a budget. You are not looking to produce a Hollywood blockbuster, simple can often be the most effective tool however it will still be best practice to edit your video cutting any awkward pauses, and or mistakes. Regardless of budget ensure the video is of high-quality where 1080p resolution would be the base point for online content. A script and numerous practice runs are also recommended as this again will enable you to focus on your key points. Ensure you provide links to your website and specific links to your featured product.

A video can be used on your landing page, YouTube and Facebook in addition to any other sharing platform.  It will help you stand out from the crowd and help create a unique online business persona.