Changes to EV ‘Greenbar’ SSL Certificates

Updates to EV (Extended Validation Certificate) SSL certificates. EV or Green Bar’ SSLs were 1st introduced in 2007 as a means of showing that the owner of the site had gone through extensive checks by the certificate providers to prove that there were indeed the owner of the domain in question. The idea was to provide further reassurance to the end user that the site was safe to use in particular for secure transactions. The key difference to the end user was that the name of the company who owned the domain was displayed in the browser alongside the url.   However, in recent months Chrome has removed this from the address bar and the EV SSL acts and behaves like any other SSL with a single padlock to show encryption is in place. The ‘extended’ details are available by clicking the padlock.

Currently, Firefox is still showing the company name:

However, Chrome and Edge are not:

For many this is proving the be the end of the EV ssl.