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Dx3 Scan Series: SiteCheck

Free website malware and security checker by Sucuri: Sitecheck

SiteCheck by Sucuri is a free online tool provided by Sucuri, a cybersecurity company specialising in website security.
SiteCheck is designed to help website owners and administrators check the security status of their websites. It scans websites for various security issues and provides a report on its findings.
Some of the key features and information you can obtain using SiteCheck include:

  1. Malware Detection: SiteCheck scans your website for malware infections, which are malicious code or scripts that can harm your site and its visitors.
  2. Blacklist Status: It checks if your website’s domain or IP address is blacklisted by search engines or security services, which can negatively impact your site’s reputation and visibility.
  3. Outdated Software: The tool identifies outdated software, plugins, or themes on your website that may be vulnerable to security exploits.
  4. Vulnerabilities: It looks for known vulnerabilities in the software running your website and alerts you if any are found.
  5. HTTP Security Headers: SiteCheck checks if your site uses proper security headers to protect against common web-based attacks.
  6. Domain Reputation: It provides information about the reputation of your website’s domain.
  7. Website SSL Certificate: It verifies if your website has a valid SSL certificate, which is essential for securing data transmission between your site and its visitors.
  8. Website Load Time: SiteCheck also provides information about your website’s load time, which can affect user experience and SEO.

Website owners can use SiteCheck to get a quick overview of their website’s security status and identify potential issues that may need attention. It’s a helpful tool for taking the first steps in securing a website.

However, please note that while SiteCheck is a valuable resource for basic security checks, it may not provide as comprehensive protection as Sucuri’s paid security services, which include continuous monitoring, a web application firewall (WAF), and malware removal, among other features.

As a free service there is no reason not to use Sucuri’s SiteCheck as part of your routine protection.