DX3Webs dedicated server vs Amazon Web Services

DX3Webs dedicated server vs Amazon Web Services

A comparison of DX3Webs dedicated servers vs AWS cloud solution


DX3Webs Amazon Web Services
Dedicated server belongs to you for the contract period.  No third party can add or make changes to the server guaranteeing its performance. The AWS instance is hosted on a server shared by a whole range of customers where both server and network is split between them.
Single fixed monthly price, no hidden extras agreed to for the duration of the contract. Price can fluctuate depending on amount of traffic and a number of hidden charges
A managed server included in the monthly cost maintained for you. The basic ingredients are provided but you must pay a (expensive) team of IT bods to configure, manage and monitor the infrastructure.
A finished product ready for your business needs cutting down on initial setup costs. A dedicated team is needed to manage all the parts using the various tools Amazon provides.
Server is hand built to run your Magento site. Provide generic virtualised servers built for price/power.
Due to the above the speed provided for customers and end-users will always be faster than the AWS equivalent.  This is tested frequently. No matter the number of virtual servers or large instances AWS cannot compete on speed against a dedicated Dx3Webs server.
24/7 support and monitoring provided. AWS does not provide support; you would need your own IT team to monitor server health.
Reliability is greatly increased due to the 24/7 monitoring of the server.  All servers hosted within class leading IOMart data centres providing huge redundancy and capacity. Network is notoriously variable in its reliability and frequently suffers complete outages across its various data centres.


As the above table clearly illustrates Dx3Webs dedicated Magento servers offer a clear advantage over the equivalent

solution provided by AWS.  If speed, cost, reliability and support are important to your business Dx3webs provides the solution to your needs. 

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