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Magento 2.4.4

Magento 2.4.4 is now available.

Adobe’s focus while deigning Magento 2.4.4 has been on performance, headless support and security.

There have been various major improvements introduced in this launch.
These improvements will help keep Magento merchants competitive with the latest technologies, shopping experience enhancement and improved management experience for admins.

Magento 2.4.4 built on PHP 8.1 is a worthy upgrade offering various improvements for any future focussed business.

The highlights of the improvements are:

  • Both Open Source and Commerce editions
  • Up to 250 quality fixes
  • Full support for PHP 8.1
  • Elasticsearch 7.16 support
  • TinyMCE 5.8.1 supported
  • OpenSearch 1.2 support

Now to look at some of these improvements.


The cart speed has been improved via a change to the collectQuoteTotals() method.  This will reduce response time in the cart process.

The way GraphQL request is cached will improve the store frontend speed.

The adoption of PHP 8.1 will significantly improve performance to both the admin and storefront.  Tailor made improvements for your business needs.


Adobe have made improvements to the email systems, token-based authentication and API.

Sessions IDs are no longer stored in the database.

The previous version of Magento had the potential for attackers to take over the Admin. This vulnerability has been fixed before it was compromised.

Encryption of OAuth access tokens and password reset tokens when stored in the database.  This additional encryption highlights the importance Adobe assigns to security.


The platform itself has received a number of upgrades and updates.

As mentioned support for ElasticSearch 7.16 and OpenSearch 1.2 are included.  They are fully compatible with PHP 8.1.

JavaScript libraries have been updated to recent versions. The JQuery library has been upgraded to version 3.6 and the JQuery UI library is upgraded to 1.13.0.

These updates and upgrades have contributed to both performance and security improvements in Magento.

The above are merely examples and highlights.  For a full list please follow the links below.


With a focus on performance and security Magento 2.4.4 is an excellent update.   With the inclusion of full PHP 8.1 support it is a must have for those looking to extract the maximum performance from their Magento store.

As always we recommend contacting your developers to discuss updating your site.

Please note: Dx3webs servers have php 8.1 and ElasticSearch 7.16 installed and ready to go.

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