How to Create Tags on Magento

How to Create Tags on Magento

Tags can be used by customers to find a selection of products on your site. The tag describes a certain aspect of the product, such as;




Popular tags make it easier for customers to find a product of a specific type without hunting through the website, which is more likely to make them stay on the site and buy a product, this is useful if you have a lot of products of the same type. The number of tags can be unlimited and often customers will assign their own tag to a product which will then be accepted or rejected by the administrator.

To create tags from the backend of your website, first click on ‘Catalog’ which is on the navigation bar. Then click on ‘Tags’, followed by ‘All Tags’. On this page you can see and edit all of the tags you currently have on your site and it is also where you go to approve or delete specific tags. However, to create a new tag click ‘Add New’ at the top right hand side of the screen and fill in the name of the tag. Also, click on whether the tag is approved which will mean it is now active on your website.

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