Tens of thousands of Magento sites at risk

Tens of thousands of Magento sites at risk

Researchers at Foregenix analysed more than 170,000 Magento eCommerce sites and found that of those using Magento 1 some 90% are at a 'heightened' risk with 30% of Magento 2 sites at an 'elevated risk'.

The heightened risk rate includes sites that have not been patched with recent updates with some missing patches released nearly 4 years ago.

The results were delivered by Foregenix at the October Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council European Community Meeting in London. Andrew Henwood, Foregenix’s CEO, said in a statement, "While the figures for North America are of great concern, they are roughly in line with our findings for many other regions such as Europe." He pointed out that updating patches, changing default settings in admin interface and stronger password with multi-factor authenticity dramatically reduce the risk of a breach.

This acts as a good reminder to check your site and use unique secure passwords.

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