Magento 2.3.3: The latest release of Magento Commerce and a patch!

Magento 2.3.3: The latest release of Magento Commerce and a patch!

Magento 2.3.3 and Patch 2.3.2-p2

This new release introduces a number of key benefits from changes to native integrated payments to PHP 7.3 support*

We also see the implementation of almost 100 security fixes, faster loading times by displaying text while loading fonts in the background. Non-critical CSS tasks are now loaded at the end of the queue and a reduction in the number of requests going back to the server.

Overall this converts to an improvement of up to 5 points in Google PageSpeed.

Magento have introducing 190 quality enhancements from Sales, Catalogue and Checkout modules.

For those who do not wish to update at this time Magento have listened and now offer a Security Patch for Magento 2.3.2.

Magento are now shipping a security only patch 2.3.2-p2 for Magento Commerce and Open-source 2.3.2. This patch offers all the security benefits of a full upgrade without the expense and time often required. The Patch enables site owners to ensure they are secure without having to carry out a full upgrade without the work associated with compatibility issues both in-house and third party.

As always it is recommended that you ask your developer to update your site in order to maintain security and take advantage of the benefits offered by the latest update.

NB: PHP 7.1 is nearing End Of Life and measures should be taken to remain PCI Compliant and maintain the highest level of security.

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