Gmail google apps POP: Username password not accepted

Gmail google apps POP: Username password not accepted

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Every now and then a client comes across a problem that has our whole team scratching their heads. Sometime it is the nightmare of a problem that no one can replicate. Actions x, y and z on computer a, b, c are working just fine but on client computer d.. nothing. In this case x, y and z were trying to get Outlook 2007 to send and receive emails from a Google Apps account. What could be more simple?

Well for one client nothing was working. We logged onto their machine via logmein and began trouble shooting remotely.. not helped by their internet randomly dropping connections.. thank you BT Interent.

Every setting was correct, the same accounts could be accessed on any other machine except the one the client needed. Every time a “username password not accepted” would be thrown. We checked for firewalls, av, mall ware, spy wear etc nothing.

Well it turns out that it is possible to fail the google app CAPTCHA silently. That is google does not inform you that you have incorrectly entered their impossible to read CAPTCHA box. Instead they will block the ip address you are using from sending or receiving email with a cryptic “username password not accepted” error.

To fix : and try again.. simple as that.

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